Fiona Mauchline, Julie Moore, Stacey H. Hughes

ETpedia Vocabulary

Resource Book

500 ideas and activities for teaching vocabulary

ETpedia Vocabulary is a one-stop resource for teaching English language vocabulary. It’s full of practical ideas, inspiration, tips, and classroom activities.



“This A4 spiral-bound book should appeal to new and experienced teachers alike. You can dip in for bite-sized activities or work through more systematically. The authors’ wide-ranging experience shines through.” E L Gazette, January 2020.

ETpedia Vocabulary brings you 500 ideas, tips and classroom activities for teaching vocabulary.

This one-stop resource is perfect for newly qualified English language teachers and teachers who want to learn new ways to teach vocabulary or need to adapt to teaching in a new context. Suitable for use in different ways according to your needs, interests and level of experience, it’s equally useful for new and experienced teachers.

Organised into 50 units each containing 10 ideas, ETpedia Vocabulary is easy to dip in and out of. It will save you planning time, provide inspiration, and help you motivate students. It will even anticipate problems students might have with different aspects of vocabulary.

Inside, you’ll find sections focusing on different areas such as:

  • key terms for talking about vocabulary
  • ideas for planning vocabulary lessons
  • ways of integrating vocabulary into your skills-based lessons
  • tips on integrating technology in order to extend vocabulary practice and awareness.

Each unit provides you with 10 tips, ideas or activities related to theory and practice in the classroom as well as suggestions for homework and self-study tasks.

In the Appendix you will also find photocopiable handouts with additional classroom activities. These can be used exactly as they are, or adapted and developed to suit your own context.

Throughout the book you will also find quotes from experienced teachers, sharing their views, ideas and experiences on teaching vocabulary.

If you are new to teaching, ETpedia Vocabulary will support you on your way. If you’re an experienced teacher, it will remind you of techniques and activities you haven’t used in a while and offer you fresh new ideas to increase your repertoire.

ETpedia Vocabulary is the ninth title in the popular ETpedia series.


ETpedia Vocabulary is suitable for English language teachers of all experience levels. It is ideal for teachers who are just starting out and want to feel more confident teaching vocabulary. For experienced teachers and teacher trainers it brings inspiration in the form of tips, techniques, and practical ideas.


ISBN: 9781912755264
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
Publication: 30 June 2019



Section 1: Before you start teaching vocabulary
10 basic parts of speech
10 more ways to refer to vocabulary
10 useful terms for talking about vocabulary
10 things we often teach about words
10 ways learners’ first language affects vocabulary learning
10 things to consider when creating a lexical set

Section 2: In the classroom
10 ways to present a new word
10 activities for practicing new vocabulary
10 aids to memorising new vocabulary
10 ways to revise and recycle vocabulary
10 ways to teach pronunciation of a word
10 ways to teach the grammar of a word
10 ways to teach spelling
10 ways of using the L1 knowledge actively in the classroom
10 ways to keep a record of vocabulary
10 vocabulary warmers to start your lesson
10 vocabulary games to end your lesson
10 ways to test vocabulary

Section 3: Features of vocabulary
10 activities for practising word forms
10 ways to practice prefixes and suffixes
10 ways to build a word
10 ways to practise collocation and fixed expressions
10 ways to present and practice idioms
10 ways to present and practice phrasal verbs
10 ways to teach students about register

Section 4: Developing skills
10 ways to choose reading and listening texts to teach vocabulary
10 ways to use reading or listening texts
10 speaking activities to use target vocabulary
10 writing activities to use target vocabulary
10 ways to teach vocabulary with video

Section 5: Specific contexts
10 tips for teaching vocabulary to beginners
10 vocabulary activities for intermediate learners
10 ideas for teaching vocabulary to advanced learners
10 vocabulary activities for exam preparation
10 tips for teaching vocabulary to younger learners
10 tips on teaching vocabulary for English for Specific Purposes
10 ways of teaching English for Academic English vocabulary
10 vocabulary activities that students with dyslexia will hate
10 tips for teaching vocabulary to hard-of-hearing learners
10 tips for teaching colour blind students and learners with low vision

Section 6: Useful resources
10 things a dictionary can tell you about a word
10 ways to integrate dictionaries into a lesson
10 apps and website for vocabulary practice
10 ways to use corpus tools with learners
10 online tools for analysing vocabulary
10 tips for using images to teach vocabulary
10 ways to use audio and video for vocabulary practice
10 tips for using realia
10 more ways to use flashcards
10 more books and resources about teaching vocabulary

Photocopiable materials


Stacey H. Hughes, Fiona Mauchline and Julie Moore


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