Hilary Garraway

Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Holistic CBT is explained as a new strengths-based, solution-focused and creative model, exploring people’s identity and potential within their individual context, and recognising a body-mind-spirit link.



The book describes how the Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (HCBT) model grew from patients bringing their spiritual beliefs and their socio-economic and cultural context into CBT sessions, factors sometimes missed in standard CBT.  Holistic CBT is explained as a new strengths-based, solution-focused and creative model, exploring people’s identity and potential within their individual context, and recognising a body-mind-spirit link. The book sets out the process of this transpersonal, third wave CBT approach, recognising the importance of relating to different racial and cultural worldviews, and in particular, raising the profile of spirituality as an important aspect of people’s lives. An excellent reader for those looking to extend their therapeutic practice in mental health, community and faith settings. A companion course manual ‘Free to be Me’ by the same author provides guidance and resources for running HCBT sessions with individuals and groups.


Dr Hilary Garraway is an experienced consultant clinical psychologist with over thirty years of therapy experience in various settings. She is currently the Enfield Adult Psychology lead in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust. Previously, Hilary specialised in Early Intervention in Psychosis helping to establish the Barking and Dagenham team and then moving on to work in Waltham Forest and then Enfield EIS teams, as well as having a successful private practice. Hilary has trained as an adult education teacher and is a BABCP accredited CBT therapist, trainer and supervisor. Hilary is an honorary lecturer with UCL, Kings College London and Hertfordshire University and teaches on spirituality and psychology, psychosis and CBT.  She is a trustee of the Whole Person Health Trust which seeks to promote a more holistic approach to medical care. She is trained as a spiritual director and has an interest in contemplative spirituality, as well as in creative and therapeutic writing.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication Date: End of June 2021

ISBN No: 978-1-914010-60-6


Brief Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – An Holistic approach to CBT

Chapter 2 – The holistic CBT model

Chapter 3- Our human spirit

Chapter 4- The HCBT developmental model

Chapter 5- HCBT as an individual therapy

Chapter 6 – The process of HCBT


1 review for Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  1. Jodie Wozencroft-Reay

    Dr Garraway’s book Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy gives a comprehensive and inclusive
    overview of the use of spirituality in CBT.
    The text offers an explanation of how HCBT fits within the CBT tradition, the HCBT model itself,
    different perspectives of the human spirit, a developmental model and a case study example of
    individual therapy utilising HCBT.
    As a practitioner who specialises in Islamic psychology, I was particularly impressed with how the
    author covered this sensitive and accurately, but felt this could be improved by quotes similar to
    other passages from the Qur’an or hadith (sayings of the Prophet), or by drawing on the works of
    Malik Badri, Rasjid Skinner and Abdullah Rothman who have revived the Islamic psychology
    The Holistic view of self, or selves, is similar to the multi-mind in Compassion Focused Therapy or
    subpersonalities in Internal Family Systems. This approach can be very enlightening for clients who
    have struggled with, the very common human problem of, conflicting motivations or values.
    HCBT utilises traditional CBT practices whilst widening the application to include a person’s
    spirituality. HCBT also borrows wisdom from other modalities such as systemic therapy and positive
    psychology. Often CBT is seen as one dimensional, lacking depth, however HCBT gives a deeper,
    more profound perspective, accessible to any clinician, which aids the client in feeling validated,
    heard and understood.

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