Dr Pat Frankish

Trauma-informed Care in Intellectual Disability

A self-study guide for health and social care support staff



The guide covers the main topics of trauma-informed care via the theoretical positions of key researchers who have worked in either the field of psychotherapy or disability or both. It brings together these bodies of knowledge so that support staff can identify stages of emotional development and plan interventions for the benefit of the person with intellectual disabilities.


This guide is designed for self-study by health and social care staff and teams. It is equivalent to level 2 learning and is based on a training course that can be accessed from Frankish Training.



  1. Infant Development and Emotional health – the work of Donald Winnicott
  2. Attachment and the Secure Base – the work of John Bowlby
  3. Biological birth to Psychological Birth – as described by Margaret Mahler
  4. Descovering the Unconscious – the work of Sigmund Freud
  5. The importance of very early development – ideas from Melanie Klein
  6. Trauma and its impact on relationships – the work of Wilfred Bion
  7. Linking the present to the past – ideas from David Malan
  8. Disability issues understood – from Valerie Sinason
  9. Observations – learning to use the FAIT
  10. Bringing it all together – designing interventions


ISBN: 9781912755790

Publication date: 28 November 2019


Dr Pat Frankish obtained B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology and B.A (Open) in Humanities and Psychology before undertaking training in teaching children with severe learning difficulties and then a masters in Clinical Psychology. She went on to Doctoral studies and was made a Doctor of Psychology in 2003.She has a wide experience of psychological issues across age groups. She has a specialist interest in early personality development and the consequences of disturbance through traumatic life events. 


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