Benjamin Walker, Shan Raffel

Fighting Fire


Making firefighting techniques accessible to firefighters and practitioners at all levels

Compartment Firefighting Series: Volume 3 – Fighting Fire puts the science and analysis of books one and two into practice, considering the tactics and techniques available to frontline firefighters.



Fighting Fire: Making firefighting techniques accessible to firefighters and practitioners at all levels looks at the tools at your disposal and the best techniques to use based on your scene assessment. Whereas Reading Fire considered what was going on at an incident, this twin volume of Fighting Fire uses this knowledge to focus on the how.

It examines the selection of appropriate tactics for the stages of fire development and burning profiles as well as a detailed comparison of techniques, including Tactical Ventilation, Transitional Attack, Water Application and Nozzle Techniques. It also concludes with consideration of the STAR Model of Decision Making and an evaluation of Basic Incident Command Principles.


This guide is aimed at all frontline firefighters and incident commanders, to support them in safely and effectively dealing with an incident. It is vital for both supporting firefighter safety and their professional development.
It also supports those in training.


ISBN: 9781911028741
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Publication: 26 June 2017
Content: Tactical thermal imaging camera use
Tactical Ventilation- the basics
TV1 Removal of Products- PPV/PPA
TV2 Removal of Products- HydroVent/Hydraulic Ventilation
TV3- Anti Ventilation: Containment of Products- Smoke Curtains and Door Control
Water Application: Basic Principles & Overview.(PVT, Gas Cooling, Indirect, Direct)
Water Supplies, Tactical Flow Rates
Transitional Attack: “Going Hard from the Yard”
Gas Cooling: The Technique
Nozzle Techniques. (Straight Streaming, Painting, Pencilling, Steam Suppression Combined Attacks)
Ultra High Pressure Systems
Other Media- CAFS, Foam and other agents
Interior Attack- Door Entry, Movement & Advancing- The Position of Optimal Outcome!
Tactical Playbook and The Ignis Diner “Attacktical Menu”
SLICERS- Integration with the United States ISFSI approach
Decision Making and the STAR Model
Basic Incident Command for Successful Tactics


Benjamin Walker is an award-winning firefighter, innovative trainer and published author. He has been a firefighter and commander across the UK and has led Compartment Fire Behaviour Training at the London Fire Brigade (UK) Training School.
He now delivers training across the world, as well as being the lead author of the Compartment Firefighting Series.

Shan Raffel has been working in the fire service for almost 35 years. He is a leading figure in the implementation of Compartment Fire Behaviour Training in Australia and continues to work to support brigades in the development of their training facilities and teaching materials.


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