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Write To Be Read!

Price: £7.95
Write To Be Read is a book which addresses the need of everyone - from college students to professionals in any field whatsoever - to be able to write coherent English prose.
Author(s): Tim Richardson

Writing doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be really enjoyable – and nothing beats the thrill of having your work read and admired by someone else. That’s what this book is about. It shows how tried and tested journalistic techniques can help people from all walks of life improve their writing skills do that they greatly increase their chances of being read.

Whether you’re in education, carving out your own career or even learning English as foreign language, this book builds on you own existing skills to make you a better writer. It shows how putting the reader first ensures that the writing you produce has the maximum chance of reaching its audience.

You’ll learn about the news writing technique and how this is the foundation for all good writing. Youl’ll understand that structure and discipline are essential. And you’ll see that once you have learnt the rules, the real skill lies in breaking them.

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From college students to professionals in any field.
ISBN: 9781511465687
Publisher: Meon Valley Press
Tim Richardson