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Workplace Skills Builder OPD

Price: £22.00
Author(s): Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Norma Shapiro and Marjorie Fuchs

Review from ETp 97

"Derived from the popular Oxford Picture Dictionary, this is a picture dictionary tailor-made for students preparing for the workplace. In addition to good-quality, full-colour illustrations of work-related vocabulary – everything from the general workplace to retail, hotels, restaurants, healthcare, construction, agriculture and the office – there are practice activities and suggestions for roleplays and pair practice to help students learn and internalise the new vocabulary and put it to immediate use.

Although the book is divided into sections according to the particular industry the words are most suited to, there is a lot of crossover between them. So, for example, the section on first aid and medical emergencies is likely to be relevant in all fields of work, not just to healthcare.

A picture tells a thousand words and has to be the easiest way to teach a new item of lexis, but most picture dictionaries are aimed at a younger audience, so it is great to see a book that does this for adults, either already in the workplace or hoping to enter the workplace in an English-speaking environment."


Anthony Guzman
Toulouse, France


ISBN: 9780194740753
Publisher: Oxford University Press