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  • Work with us

    Pavilion offers a broad range of partnership opportunities and specialist services. Find out more about these below.

  • Write for Pavilion

    Pavilion Publishing welcomes book and training pack submissions from new and established authors, and organisations looking to develop training materials. Find out about our submissions process.
  • Editorial and design services

    We provide expert editing, design or production for external multimedia projects and we can help you with a professional editorial and design service; consulting; manuscript development; copy editing; proofreading; layout; project management; print production; marketing and distribution service.
  • Foreign rights

    We actively sell foreign rights to many of our publications and we work with international agencies to translate, distribute and license many of our books. Some of our titles have already been translated into, for example, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Icelandic. If you would like to discuss foreign rights or translation, please contact our editorial team, at

    We publish many titles each year, so if you are looking for a specific book or training pack, please contact us for help.
  • Other partnership opportunities

    We have an extensive database of contacts within the health and social care sector, emergency response services, and English language teaching, as well as other sectors.

    We communicate with our customers through regular digital newsletters, catalogues, flyers, event stands, and social media to drive sales and traffic to our websites and sales team. We do everything possible to ensure that our partners get their products and message to just the right people.

    If you are looking for a new sales channel and would like to partner with us for distribution or to discuss production or marketing please contact us to find out how we could help you.
  • Careers

    Our recruitment is centralised at our head office. You can contact them at:

    HR – Pavilion Publishing and Media
    OLM Group
    10 Station Road
    Teddington, Middlesex
    TW11 9AA