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Whose Secret?

Second edition

Price: £35.00 £5.00
Whose Secret is a video-assisted training resource providing awareness-raising, refresher or advanced training on protecting vulnerable adults from abuse.
Author(s): Marion Dakin

Whose Secret? aims to assist all organisations to fulfil their responsibilities to raise awareness of adult protection issues with their staff through a flexible and understandable approach. The comprehensive materials provide a short, 1 ½ hour workshop to raise awareness or provide refresher training on the subject, and a longer, 3 hour workshop for more experienced staff, which can also be integrated into other, more advanced training.

This pack contains: Full trainer guidance, text-based case studies, DVD case studies, DVD commentary from key agency representatives, printable slide templates, exercise sheets and evaluation forms.

NHS Trusts, hospitals and community-based staff, combined Health and Social Care Trusts, GP surgeries, Local Authority departments, including social services and housing, independent sector care providers, education providers of supported learning, probation service, police, benefits agency, providers of supported housing/social care landlords.

ISBN: 9781908066183
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 07 May 2011
Content: The nature of abuse  -  Recognising different types of abuse  -  Why abuse might occur and to whom  -  Responding to abuse  -  Preventing abuse  -  Multi-agency roles and responsibilities  -  Policies and procedures  -  Video drama scenes covering: physical, institutional, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, neglect and abandonment. View a sample of the training video

Marion Dakin is a registered social worker with more than 20 years experience in adult social care in areas including older people, mental health and learning disability.  She works full-time as an independent training and development consultant on learning and development issues with expertise in a range of areas, such as safeguarding adults, adult protection, communication, the Mental Capacity Act (2005), using drama as a medium for training and team development. Through her training, Marion aims to develop innovative and safe learning environments, which offer learning opportunities that support all learning styles.

Marion is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a coach and a qualified trainer. She is accredited to use the Emotions and Behaviours at Work (EBW) psychometric testing system and is certified in non-verbal communication/intelligence. She set up her own training and development business in 2003 with the aim of promoting good practice, ensuring all learning opportunities consider the service users’ and carers’ perspectives, and making complex subjects accessible.