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Visual Grammar (Elementary)

Price: £20.00
This very attractive book addresses the important question of how to get our students to understand and internalise grammar
Author(s): Jim Scrivener

This book addresses the important question of how we can get our students to understand and internalise the grammar that we teach them. Each section is headed by a statement beginning I can ..., thereby mirroring the ‘can-do’ statements of the CEFR, and presenting the learning of grammar in terms of achievement and success, rather than as an uphill struggle. The information is ‘bite-sized’ and easily accessible.

The book contains high-quality illustrations, photographs and diagrams, which give a visual representation of how English grammar works. 

As the author says in his introductory address to the student: ‘Grammar practice doesn’t have to be boring!’ This book even gives the impression that it might be fun. The timelines which demonstrate the sequence and meaning of the different tenses are particularly successful, and teachers who have struggled to draw their own timelines on the board will find these invaluable. The text explanations are clear and helpful, too.

This book is aimed at elementary-level students and intended for both self-study and classroom use.
ISBN: 9788466815291
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Publication: 31 March 2013

Jim Scrivener is currently Head of Teacher Development for Bell International. Previously he has been Head of Teacher Training for International House, Hastings and Director of Education for IH Budapest.

He has worked in many different countries over the years, including two years in Kenya, three in the USSR and seven in Hungary. He is a frequent conference presenter and course leader around the world and was head of the team that designed the Euro exams, now widely taken in Central Europe and has been actively involved with Cambridge ESOL exams including design of their online teacher portfolio. He recently designed and implemented the first Online Delta course.