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Understanding and Supporting Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

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This resource provides a basic person-centred framework to underpin intervention or support for children or adults on the autism spectrum.
Author(s): Julie Beadle-Brown and Richard Mills

This unique multi-media training and learning resource, informed by both research and practice, is written by experts and designed not only to help people understand autism spectrum conditions, but to give them a person-centred framework of intervention and support for children or adults on the autism spectrum.

The 2009 Autism Act means that for the first time the NHS and local authorities could face legal action if they fail to provide the support that people with autism need. This will include providing better training for health and social care staff working with people with autism spectrum conditions. Using this resource will help staff and individuals to comply with the legislation.

NB: Those who wish to use the material to train people in other organisations or in a professional capacity should have attended an accredited training for trainers course provided by the Tizard Centre. Details of training for trainers and licensing arrangements can be found at\tizard 

Training to be delivered by skilled and experienced practitioners. The content is aimed at training anyone, individuals or teams, who work with or support a child or adult on the autism spectrum.
ISBN: 9781841962719
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 10 December 2010
Content: Module 1: Introduction; Module 2: Understanding autism; Module 3: Supporting people on the autism spectrum; Module 4: Instructions and resources for trainers; Module 5: The evidence base and resources for further learning
Julie Beadle-Brown has worked at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent, since 1995. Julie is a reader in learning disabilities and primarily teaches on the postgraduate programmes in intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her research interests range from deinstitutionalisation and development of community-based services, service design and quality, to personalisation, active support and quality of life for people with learning disabilities and children and adults with autism. She spends a substantial amount of her time working in services, training staff and evaluating service quality, with a particular focus on active support.