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Understanding and Supporting Autistic Children and Adults Self-Study Guide

A self-study resource for staff working in health, social care and educational settings

Price: £35.00
A self-study resource for staff working in health, social care and educational settings.
Author(s): Dr Julie Beadle-Brown and Richard Mills

The self-study guide

The self-study guide is designed for people to follow alone or as part of a training programme which you can buy here. It includes audio files, videos and exercises to promote independent thinking and learning. It is available in hard copy and digital formats and provides about 5 to 7 hours of learning, with a certificate of completion. 


2.Understanding autism

a.Background and historical context


c.Causes and prevalence of autism

d.Diagnosis of autism

e.Characteristics of autism

f.Strengths of autism

g.Theories to explain autism

h.Personal experiences

i.Family experiences

j.Introduction to the SPELL framework


3.Supporting people with autism – the SPELL framework in practice

I.Introduction to the framework


III.Positive Approaches and expectations


V.Low Arousal



4.Resources and further reading

The resources can be used for training staff and managers working in autism support services and educational settings, including, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, behavioural specialists, speech and language therapists, learning disability nurses, teachers and teaching assistants, family members, day service staff and students.
ISBN: 9781911028690
Publication: 07 September 2018