Time to TalkDuring Time to Change's Time to Talk Day 2015, on 5 February, you are asked to take just 5 minutes to talk about mental health.

Challenge stigma

In our society there is a real stigma around the topic of mental health making those who suffer from it feel even more isolated and unheard. Time to Talk Day is an opportunity to challenge this taboo, to encourage discussion and contribute to the awareness that mental illnesses are as much of a priority as physical. 

You can join in with the conversation at home, work, school, university or online; and then pop onto the live counter to log your 5 minute conversation. The charity's target is to have enough contributions to equate to 24 hours.

Here are a few of our suggested talking points to inspire your mental health discussions:

  • Do you know where you could turn for help should you need the support?
  • Have you or a loved one ever experienced a mental health problem?
  • What tips do you have to unwind so that you can look after your mental well-being?
  • What pledges can you make to help support those around you and be more approachable?
  • How could the government address the stigma of mental health better?
  • How can we support our family and friends who are suffering from a mental health problem?

At Pavilion, we are regularly talking about the mental health sector, its developments and changes, some of the sector's fantastic achievements, and our latest events, training materials and magazines. However we do recognise and sympathise with how difficult it can be to make time to address our mental health on a personal level as individuals. Therefore we'll be getting involved in Time to Talk Day this Thursday to open up the conversation in our head office and contribute to the improved awareness on the topic nationwide.

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