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The Good PA Guide

Understanding the role of personal assistance to people with disabilities

Price: £9.95

The Good PA Guide: understanding the role of personal assistance to people with disabilities is a practical guide that addresses key learning around the historical evolution of the role of a personal assistant to someone with a disability, as well as understanding issues around duty of care and safeguarding, health and safety and personal development as a personal assistant.

Author(s): Renee Jasper-Griffith

The role of the personal assistant (PA) is increasingly becoming the choice of care provision by people who need support in their own homes for themselves or for those they care for.

This convenient and accessible practical guide addresses the most frequently asked questions by both people who are thinking of working as, or are currently a PA. It addresses the issues that may arise in a very ‘person-centred’ relationship.

This guide offers an engaging, value for money and accessible way of self-learning about the historical evolution of the role, understanding issues around duty of care and safeguarding, health and safety, personal development as a personal assistant, and the kinds of things people want from their PA.

Personal assistants working with people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health problems; family carers, people with disabilities and organisations that employ PAs.
ISBN: 9781910366219
Publication: 02 December 2014

With key learning points and thinking and practice activities throughout, this guide enables flexible learning and relates to various QCF units:

Section 1

The history of the role of the PA

  • SS OP 3.1 Understand Models of Disability
  • SHC 33 Promote equality and inclusion

Section 2

What people want from a PA

  • HSC 025 The role of the health and social care worker
  • SHC 31 Promote communication in health and social care
  • HSC 036 Promote person centred approaches
  • HSC 038 Good practice in handling information

Section 3

Understanding your duty of care and safeguarding

  • SHC 34 Principles of implementing duty of care
  • HSC 024 Principles of safeguarding

Section 4

Health and safety as a PA in someone’s home

  • HSC 3066 Support positive risk taking for individuals
  • HSC 037 Promote and implement health and safety

Section 5

Working and developing as a PA

  • SHC 32 Engage in personal development
Renee Jasper-Griffith has worked for East Sussex County Council as a training and development consultant for personal assistants in social care for over five years. She previously worked for a social enterprise that assisted private registered care providers in the southeast to access training and funding in order to improve the quality of care they provided. She is a qualified QCF assessor and trainer.