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Test book

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A book to test layout.
Author(s): Author Allformats

We recognise that working and learning in health and social care settings can be a challenging experience; with tight budgets and frequent changes in policies and procedures to keep up-to-date with, on top of providing the best possible care and support.

Our resources identify these challenges to help support you on a professional, academic and personal level.

As you know, investing in training is pivotal to raising standards, promoting best practise and supporting continuing professional development (CPD).  From QCF training materials to PAS-ADD tools, our training packs and assessment tools help you to facilitate in-house training, enabling your staff to earn points towards their CPD qualification; saving you money whilst developing your workforce.

Whatever your field of interest within health and social care, we have something for you.

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Test Book is for readers.
Publication: 31 January 2014
Author Allformats wrote this book for all formats.