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Taking Control of My Health

A training manual for health and social care staff to deliver a course for people with learning disabilities who have health conditions

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Taking Control of My Health is a manual and CD-rom designed to help people with learning disabilities to understand and talk about their health conditions.
Author(s): Mary Codling

Taking Control of My Health is a training manual and CD-rom that will equip a wide range of facilitators with the guidance and tools required to deliver a programme for people with learning disabilities, that will enable them to express emotions, network with their peers and create opportunities to promote self-understanding.

The piloting of this material showed that understanding of complex health conditions in itself is too complex for a number of people with learning disabilities, but focusing on the effects of the health condition and how people react has increased confidence and self-esteem. 

The course is designed for people who have mild to moderate learning disabilities and are able to communicate verbally, and is based around the use of the Kolb (1984) experiential learning cycle.

This enables people with learning disabilities to gain a better understanding of their health through learning from interactive and participatory sessions. 

It provides the framework that will guide the facilitator by creating opportunities such as role play, active participation, exercises, games, homework and action plans, which are all forms of experiential learning.

The course is organised into six weekly sessions. 

Taking Control of My Health will inform and benefit support workers, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech and language therapists, learning disability service providers and teachers.

ISBN: 9781910366622
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 07 March 2016

Session 1: Talking about your health condition
Session 2: Communication
Session 3: Pain
Session 4: Exercise
Session 5: Thoughts and feelings
Session 6: Working with health professionals

Mary Codling, RNMH, diploma in counselling, BA (Hons) MSc, MPhil.

Mary Codling is a learning disability nurse who has worked with people with learning disabilities for 30 years.
Mary has conducted research into a number of health conditions over the years resulting in the publication of resources that promote the inclusion of people with learning disabilities and help them to learn about their health.

Mary has also worked as an associate lecturer, an epilepsy nurse specialist and is currently working as a primary healthcare lead for learning disabilities with the remit of improving access to health services for people with learning disabilities.