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Supporting Derek

A practice development guide to support staff working with people who have a learning difficulty and dementia

Price: £15.00
Supporting Derek is an essential practice development guide for all staff working with individuals who have both learning difficulties and dementia.
Author(s): Karen Watchman, Diana Kerr and Heather Wilkinson

Supporting Derek is a training pack aimed at those supporting people with learning difficulties who have or who may develop dementia. 

Produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, it will assist people in providing high quality, individual care for people with a learning difficulty and dementia. 

This unique practice resource pack is based on extensive research by experts in the field. Including a DVD and training pack, Supporting Derek covers many of the key issues related to diagnosing and responding to dementia in people with learning difficulties. 

The short drama included on the DVD (acted out by people with a learning difficulty) gives a powerful insight into the reality of dementia and how it might feel to the individual affected.

Supporting Derek is aimed at staff and training officers in learning difficulty and dementia settings, as well as community, housing and health care staff.
ISBN: 9781859357866
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media