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Stress at Work and How to Reduce it

A manager's guide

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Stress at Work and How to Reduce it is a self-learning tool providing a framework for managers to identify what can be done to reduce work-related stress.
Author(s): Ray Braithwaite
Work-related stress is a serious problem for organisations. Building on the research-driven work of the Health and Safety Executive, this essential resource focuses on the identified major workplace stressors and examines practical solutions available to the manager for reducing work-related stress.

The resource provides a framework for managers allowing them to identify what can be done to reduce work-related stress in specific areas at work and provides ideas for intervention before stress becomes an issue. In workplaces where stress is already creating problems, the resource also gives the manager clear guidelines on how to intervene in order to reduce the level of stress being experienced by staff.

This is an interactive, stand-alone booklet that complements the training pack and can be given directly to managers to work on alone.

Professionals within the social care sector are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Those who use this resource will be able to gain CPD points.
Universities, colleges and adult education providers offering managerial/business courses, freelance trainers, human resource personnel, workforce development officers and managers responsible for providing training and first-line managers as well as aspiring managers.
ISBN: 9781841962092
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 19 February 2007