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Stepping Stones

Price: £70.00 £5.00 excl. VAT
A fun-filled CD to help people with learning disabilities towards employment



This easy-to-use programme is led by cartoon character Jo. He talks directly to the user, guiding them to create a useable CV (or resumé) and think about the right kind of employment for them. With Jo, the user will:

  • learn how to look for work/go job hunting
  • develop time management skills
  • create their personal diary showing activities, free time and time available for work
  • find organisations that can help to find work and training 
  • find examples of people and projects that have succeeded in work and training
  • have fun.

The end result is a useable CV (or resumé) to print out and use for finding work. As well as the serious side, Jo encourages users to take part in games, puzzles and exercises.

Stepping Stones
runs in a choice of five languages: English, Catalan, Czech, Finnish and Hungarian.



Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media