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Spirituality and End of Life Care

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Spirituality and End of Life Care is a moving and insightful handbook which shares wisdom from practitioners and those who have lost a loved one.
Author(s): Peter Gilbert

Spirituality and End of Life Care is a handbook for service users, carers, and staff wishing to bring a spiritual dimension to palliative care.

It addresses the place of spirituality in our modern society and the challenge of life and death, best practice in end of life care, belief systems, how spirituality can play a part in care workers’ roles, as well as creative interventions and leadership challenges. 

Spirituality and End of Life Care is aimed at nurses, health care assistants, occupational therapists, social workers, dementia nurses, trainers, hospice and care home staff, families and carers, religious and spiritual clergy.
ISBN: 9781908993458
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 12 July 2013
Content: Part 1: Modern society, spirituality and the challenge of life and death; 1. Rage against the dying of the light – or a new light shining? 2. A good death; 3. ‘Why Me?’ and ‘Whose good death?’; Anger and values-based practice in end of life care ; 4. Dignity in end of life care; 5. Belief and palliative care; Part 2: End of life care in practice; 6. Birmingham Children’s Hospital: Paediatric end of life and bereavement care pathway; 7. The power of presence: spiritual accompaniment in dementia end of life care; 8. ‘Don’t Forget Me!’: Questions of death, bereavement and accompaniment for people with an intellectual disability; 9. Making sense of grief; Part 3: User, carer and professional perspectives; 10. Ends and change: A patient’s story; 11. Carers’ stories: adults and children; 12. A professional carer’s story; Part 4: Death as a gateway?: Belief systems; 13. The changing spirituality of Muslims dying in the UK: A personal and communal journey; Part 5: Spirituality and care workers; 14. Burning a light or burned-out?: Sources of pressure and support strategies for healthcare professionals; 15. The caring professions; Part 6: Looking ahead; 16. Invisible possibilities: Art therapy, healing and spirituality at end of life care; 17. Spirituality and leadership in palliative care; Part 7: Conclusions; 18. Between life and death; Epilogue by Neil Deuchar.

Prior to his death in December 2013, Peter Gilbert was emeritus professor of social work and spirituality at Staffordshire University. Peter was the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE) project lead on spirituality from its inception until March 2008. From 2008 to 2010 he was chair of the National Development Team for Inclusion and a visiting professor at the Birmingham and Solihull Foundation NHS Trust, leading their spirituality research programme. 

A former director of social services for Worcestershire, Peter was a registered social worker with 13 years of direct practice experience. Having experienced an episode of depression in 2000/1 Peter was very committed to a holistic and person-centred approach, and the integration of personal experience. Peter was dedicated to ensuring the integration of theory with practice, and as such has served on several national groups such as the former CSCI Mental Health Improvement Board, and the Social perspectives Network. In 2008 he created Guidelines on Spirituality for Staff in Acute Care Services. 


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