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She’ll Be Alright

A story-based approach to exploring issues of hidden neglect in care homes. A training and self-study guide with a focus on dementia care.

Price: £19.95
A self-study guide with a focus on dementia care.
Author(s): Alex Matthews

She'll Be Alright is a series of short episodes showing neglect in an English nursing home. These are the stories of people who can no longer speak for themselves which invite the reader to access the world of care as it unfolds behind closed doors. The characters’ real names have been changed and the events have been slightly altered in order to create works of fiction, but the stories presented here are true in essence and have not been exaggerated in any respect.

She’ll be Alright has been written so that people can use this guide in order to gain valuable insights into a world that is usually only visible to those involved with neglect cases. The case studies in She’ll Be Alright give readers access to material especially designed for learning and self-development, cross referenced to the relevant legislation, and complemented with reflection and discussion questions.

This training and self-study guide explores the following topics:

Safeguarding residents in nursing and care homes, in particular dementia service users

Supporting nursing and care home staff and dementia workers

Improving management and supervision within residential settings

End of life care and palliative care for dementia.

How to apply the Fundamental Care Standards and the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England in order to identify hidden neglect and make a disclosure. 

She’ll be Alright will be used as a guide to complement those undertaking health and social care certificates, diplomas or BAs, those reading gerontology studies or care management studies.

This self-study guide will be of benefit and educate trainers or care managers who carry out inductions and teach those in care homes and care agencies.   

ISBN: 9781911028383
Publication: 31 October 2016
Alex Matthews is a teacher turned carer who was puzzled by the contradictions and neglect he encountered within a luxury care setting. The author thinks that if clients and carers are made aware of the hidden malpractice described in She'll Be Alright, they’ll be able to prevent similar neglect in other care homes.