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Coping with everyday and extraordinary stress

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Self-soothing gives professionals techniques to teach parents/caregivers to use with children who have experienced trauma, to maintain emotional well-being.
Author(s): Gerrilyn Smith

Self-soothing: Coping with everyday and extraordinary stress provides a range of techniques and exercises that have been developed through working with children who have experienced trauma or unstable home lives, and the parents and guardians struggling to care for them.

Each chapter of Self-soothing provides background information to enable the trainer to enhance participants’ understanding of stress and how these techniques can help, along with exercises that can be used at any time to induce relaxation and avoid the consequences of chronic stress.

Research suggests that children respond better when they are taught by a primary caregiver rather than by a professional, and, when trying to reach this vulnerable group, this manual is designed for use with parents, foster parents or adoptive parents, who can then pass on the knowledge they have gained to the children in their care, teaching them relaxation skills that may serve them for the rest of their lives.

This manual can be used by anyone, from children who have experienced trauma or unstable home lives to the parents struggling to care for them, and from members of the emergency services to any workers at risk of experiencing secondary post-traumatic stress disorder.
ISBN: 9781909810488
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 31 January 2014
  • Why stress management is essential as part of creating and maintaining well being
  • The impact of trauma and chronic stress on the body and mind
  • Focus on the breath
  • Focus on seeing
  • Focus on the body
  • Focus on smelling
  • Focus on hearing
  • Focus on touching.
Gerrilyn Smith has worked as a clinical psychologist in child and adolescent mental health services since qualifying in 1978. At the same time as qualifying as a clinical psychologist, she became involved with the London Rape Crisis Centre, working on the telephone counselling line, which she did for many years. Gerrilyn trained as a systemic psychotherapist in the early 1980s and she is EMDR trained and also holds a teaching certificate in Kundalini Yoga. Gerrilyn has also written and published extensively, most recently publishing Working with Trauma: Systemic approaches (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).
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