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  • Get more from your training budget...

    As we all know, investing in training is vital to providing the best care and support in the health and social care sectors.

    With training materials from Pavilion, your staff will be kept up-to-date with the latest best practice and procedures, as well as enabling them to earn points towards their CPD qualification.

    We believe that everyone has the right to fulfil their potential and we understand the increasing financial challenges faced by your sector, which is why we are offering you the chance to purchase some of our most popular and successful training materials at a fraction of their cost.

    Throughout November, we are going through our back catalogue of titles to bring you the best possible deals, starting today.


  • About Working with Risk Trainer's Manual

    The Working with Risk Trainer’s Manual supports the implementation of the Working with Risk Practitioner’s Manual and local policy development. 

    The training takes the form of a two-day workshop, divided into eight parts with OHPs and handouts.

    This training will reinforce the practitioner’s confidence in the way they go about assessing risks in daily practice, reflecting on the wider contextual issues of working with risks and considering the knowledge, skills and attitudes that underpin good practice. 

  • Working with Risk Practitioner's Manual

    The Working with Risk Practitioner’s Manual sets out how good risk assessment, risk management, and risk-taking practice should be followed for all users for health and social care services. 

    It includes the Working with Risk system, essential risk assessment tools and guidance for their use and completed examples of the tools.

    This manual is designed to develop and extent personal reflections on your own knowledge and experiences. 
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