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Restorative Supervision in Midwifery

A practical guide to building resilience

Price: £15.95
Restorative Supervision in Midwifery is a handbook for building resilience.
Author(s): Dr Sonya Wallbank

This ground-breaking new book is based on a model of restorative resilience supervision founded by the author in response to the emotional demands on midwives, doctors and nurses who had experienced miscarriage and stillbirth in their patients. Since then, the momentum has grown for midwifery supervision to be underpinned by restorative experiences, those that leave the midwife feeling more resilience and able. The impact of such an approach has been shown to improve compassion satisfaction (pleasure derived from doing their job) and reduce levels of stress and burnout by 40 per cent across six sessions (Wallbank, 2016).

Sonya Wallbank has written this book to support the use of restorative supervision within midwifery services. It will help midwifery supervisors to develop the expertise and to be confident in the key knowledge and skills you will need to deliver effective restorative supervision, in addition to giving you a better understanding of your own abilities to act as a great supervisor.

This handbook will be of benefit to midwifery supervisors. 
ISBN: 9781911028901
Publication: 27 April 2018

Contents includes:

1. The impact of midwifery work and the case for restorative supervision

2. A theoretical diversion (the impact of midwifery work)

3. Understnading emotional containment

4. What is resilience and what do we want from supervision?

5. Stress inoculation

6. Using supervision to recognise distress in others and building supervisory boundaries

7. Doing effective supervision

8. Considering a model of restorative supervision: evidence and effectiveness