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  • Autism and Mental Well-being in Higher Education Resources

    AutismandMentalWellbeingThe downloadable content on this page is to be used with the Autism and Mental Well-being in Higher Education practical resource.


    Too often, autistic students and those with mental health needs struggle with higher education, often dropping out of courses because they do not receive the informed support that would help them to succeed. This much-needed manual addresses the provision of effective support via mentoring in order to build students' confidence and enable them to take control of their lives. Its aim is to help students maximise the opportunity provided through the mentoring and academic study skills hours available to them. In addition, the manual and the tools it contains provides a starting point for all mentors and support staff to help students navigate their way through what can be a very confusing, anxious and challenging time by providing key focal points for discussion and related activities.

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