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Reach - Dual Pack

Support for Living An Ordinary Life dual pack

Price: £65.00
Reach: Support for Living an Ordinary Life will assist support providers and commissioners to meet their responsibilities to the people they support and the relevant regulatory bodies. One life, one set of standards; one process.
Author(s): Sally Warren

Now entering its third edition, Reach: Support for Living an Ordinary Life is an essential set of resources for any organisation that supports people with disabilities to ensure that they are helping those they support to live an ordinary life. While there has been much progress in this area, the reality for many people is that there is a worrying lack of control over who supports them, when the support is received and how this attends to what really matters to them. 

This resource contains two parts. It’s My Life is designed for use directly by or with service users themselves, enabling them to identify and express their needs and hopes for the future, and to facilitate a dialogue between supporter and supported. The Service Review, meanwhile, is designed for use by the organisation itself to assess how well they are responding to the needs of their clients and to identify any potential areas for improvement in the support they provide. Most organisations will initially want to buy a pack containing both parts, but It’s My Life can be bought individually or in packs of five, so that each client can have their own copy to use whenever they need it.

This resource is aimed at anyone who receives support in order to live an ordinary life, families and friends, supporters and their team, people in residential care, organisations that support individuals, the people who fund support and the organisations that are responsible for monitoring support.  
ISBN: 9781909810457
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 26 November 2013
Content: This pack includes: The Service review manual - This part will mainly be used by organisations providing support and those responsible for monitoring to find out how a service or organisation is doing overall. It helps organisations to understand what really good quality ‘support for living an ordinary life’ is, and will ensure that they are always working to make sure this is offered to the people they support; The It’s My Life manual - This part is designed mainly for use by or with people who receive support and their family and friends. Organisations will also use this part to find out how they are doing in supporting individuals. It is designed to help individuals figure out if they are getting good support and if they have the home and lifestyle they want. It explains to individuals what rights they should expect from the support they have in their life. This may be paid support, but it also includes the support provided by friends, families and the wider community.