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Public Mental Health Today

A handbook

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Public Mental Health Today explores aspects of public mental health and the relationship between socio-economic inequalities and mental health inequalities.
Author(s): Isabella Goldie, Mental Health Foundation

Public Mental Health Today: a handbook explores aspects of public mental health, focusing on the relationship between socio-economic inequalities and mental health inequalities as its central theme.

Public Mental Health Today is a collection of chapters, written by experts in the field, that aims to provide you with an overview of the issues affecting public mental health today. It covers key public challenges including the impact of discrimination on the mental health of older people, people from minority ethnic communities and people with mental health problems, the impact of our changing environment, and the constraints arising from the current economic climate. 


Chapter 1: Understanding mental health 

Chapter 2: Mental well-being and black and minority communities 

Chapter 3: Conceptual and practical issues

Chapter 4: Strengthening mental health within communities

Chapter 5: Work and public mental health – welfare and well-being in, and through employment

Chapter 5: Adopting a mental health promotion approach to public mental health

Chapter 6: Later life challenges and opportunities

Chapter 7: Meeting the mental health needs of young people – a GP’s perspective

Chapter 8: Gender and mental health

Chapter 9: Measuring success – developing mental health indicators


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Students and academics, service providers, practitioners, opinion-makers, policy-makers.
ISBN: 9781841962856
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 09 December 2010
Content: Chapters include: Understanding mental health; Mental well-being and black and minority communities – conceptual and practical issues; Strengthening mental health within communities; Work and public mental health – welfare and well-being in, and through employment; Adopting a mental health promotion approach to public mental health; Later life: challenges and opportunities; Meeting the mental health needs of young people – a GP’s perspective; Gender and mental health; Measuring success – developing mental health indicators