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  • Our products and services

  • Books and training materials  

    We publish and distribute a wide range of forward-thinking and progressive handbooks, pocket-sized guides, training packs, qualification materials and DVDs that address key issues within learning disability, autism, mental health, addiction, social care, safeguarding and health.

    Our main aim is to support and inspire you to change lives, as an individual, carer, student or professional working within the health and social care sector by raising standards, promoting best practice and supporting continuing professional development (CPD).

  • Conferences, exhibitions, and awards  

    We produce around 30 events each year, spanning social care, health care, emergency services, and education. We believe in producing conferences and exhibitions that make a tangible difference.

    Our flagship annual exhibition Learning Disability Today aims to help people with learning disabilities live life the way they want, through building a platform for everyone to be heard. In December 2014, Preventing Female Genital Mutilation brought 100 delegates together with the collective aims of building awareness, identifying potential victims and acting swiftly on their behalf.

    We also organise and produce events for third-parties – drawing upon our 20+ years of experience to offer a range of support services including event management, delegate registration and marketing support.

  • Journals and magazines  

    We publish nine cutting edge magazines and journals across our core sectors (Health & Social Care, TEFL and the Emergency Services) and these are aimed at those who work within each sector as well as stakeholders who have a core interest in that area.

    Our overall aim is to engage our readership with up-to-date high-quality content across our print magazine and journals as well as on our websites, helping with both their professional development (CPD) and long-term career development.

  • CareKnowledge

    CareKnowledge is the CPD-certified information service for social workers, academics, and care practitioners. Its practice-focused content supports essential workforce development for adults’ and children’s social care.

    Membership to CareKnowledge keeps your staff up to date with social care information including all relevant policy, research and practice materials published in the UK, and gives teams exclusive access to our extensive archive of research documents, policy papers, exclusively licensed journals and up-to-date editor’s briefings and special reports.

    CareKnowledge now offers two optional add-on modules created to ensure that your membership can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Our new Continuing Professional Development tracker, MyCPD, gives your staff a place to log and evidence all of their CPD learning. The Academy at CareKnowledge is a learning platform providing structured pathways to guide social care professionals through key topics relevant to their roles. 


  • Digital consultancy  

    Pavilion’s digital media consultancy helps you to drive traffic to your website or portal by using specialist digital services and content strategies. These services include SEO, keyword and backlink analysis, social media set up and optimisation, multichannel videos, iTunes-streamed podcasts, blogs, e-newsletters and mobile strategies.

    We help you define your digital landscape, delivering digital media products, transferring technology and content expertise, and creating active online communities.