Mark Taylor, Tony Prosser

Fire and Rescue Incident Command


A practical guide to incident ground management

Fire and Rescue Incident Command is a practical guide to managing and controlling incident ground operations.



This book provides a comprehensive guide to incident ground operations, from small house fires and road traffic accidents, to widespread wildfires, high-rise operations and major transport disasters. It explores the tactics and strategies available at an incident, the roles and responsibilities of the Incident Command and those under his/her command, the legal framework within which fire ground activities must operate, good communications practice and protocols, and of course the tactics needed to ensure the safety of the public, property and the firefighters on the front line.


Incident commanders, trainee incident commanders, fire and rescue service headquarters, fire stations, fire training centres.


ISBN: 978-1-912755-09-7

Publish date: July 2019

Format: Paperback


Content (subject to change):

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fireground strategy, tactics and tasks – a refresher
Chapter 3: Playing a serious game – how incident command systems save lives
Chapter 4: The application of legislation at incident ground operations

Chapter 5: Leadership and command at critical incidents – a new challenge
Chapter 6: Information gathering and situational awareness
Chapter 7: Decision making and the development of the plan
Chapter 8: Organising the incident ground
Chapter 9: Organising the incident ground: the command support function
Chapter 10: Safety on the incident ground (part 1)
Chapter 11: Safety on the incident ground (part 2) – striking balances, heroic actions and operational discretion
Chapter 12: Communications
Chapter 13: Debriefing and learning lessons
Chapter 14: Working together: Intra-operability and JESIP
Chapter 15: Major incident management – the UK Concept of Operations


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