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  • Author Phoebe Caldwell

    Phoebe Caldwell

    Phoebe Caldwell is a pioneering Intensive Interaction practitioner working mainly with children and adults on the autistic spectrum, many of whom have behavioural distress. Her methods combine using a person’s body language to communicate, with paying attention to those aspects of an individual’s environment that are triggering sensory distress.

    For four years Phoebe was a Rowntree Research Fellow looking at best practice. She teaches management, therapists, parents, teachers, advocates and carers, both nationally and internationally. She is also employed by the NHS, by social services, and by community and education services to work with individuals whom they are finding it difficult to provide a service for.

    Phoebe Caldwell has published seven books, four training films, and a number of academic papers. In 2010, she was awarded the Times/Sternberg Active Life Award for her work on autism and contribution to the community, and in July 2011 Bristol University awarded her an Honorary Doctorate of Science for communication with people with autism.