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Person-centred Active Support

A handbook

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Person-centered Active Support: A handbook provides an introduction to the practice of person-centred active support for people with learning disabilities.
Author(s): Bev Ashman et al

Person-centered Active Support: A handbook provides information and guidance on implementing person-centred active support. It can be used to support the multimedia training resource of the same name, or it can be read independently. Utilising examples, tools and experiences from a range of organisations and services, it provides the reader with additional information on a range of implementation issues. It also provides examples and suggestions to help successfully support people to participate in meaningful activities and relationships. 

Key themes include:  

  •  background and evidence of person-centred active support 
  •  providers' experience of implementing person-centred active support
  •  developing person-centred approaches using person-centred active support
  •  actively supporting people with profound and multiple disabilities
  •  actively supporting people whose behaviour is challenging
  •  implementing person-centred active support in a range of services and situations
  •  organising person-centred active support
  •  the role of practice leadership
  •  practice leadership behaviour and skills
  •  quality management and evaluation
  •  lessons for the future.

Professionals within the social care sector are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Those who use this resource will be able to gain CPD points. 

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Person-centered Active Support: A handbook will inform and benefit frontline care staff, first-line managers, professionals, advisers, trainers and others working with staff to improve the support they provide to people with learning disabilities.
ISBN: 9781841962726
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 28 June 2010
Content: Chapter 1: Background and importance of person-centred active support; Chapter 2: Providers' experiences of providing person-centred active support; Chapter 3: Essentials of person-centred active support; Chapter 4: Increasing predictability; Chapter 5: Increasing consistency; Chapter 6: Promoting team work; Chapter 7: What is practice leadership?; Chapter 8: Skills and motivation; Chapter 9: Modelling and coaching; Chapter 10: Monitoring and reviewing; Chapter 11: Linking person-centred active support; Chapter 12: Person-centred active support and people with complex needs; Chapter 13: Person-centred active support and positive behaviour support; Chapter 14: Evaulation; Chapter 15: Learning lessons for the future