Priscilla Osborne

Teaching English One to One (2nd edition)


How to teach one to one classes – for the professional English language teacher

This handbook will help you to successfully teach one-to-one classes, from learner needs analysis to planning effective one to one lessons tailored to your student. Revised and extended 2nd edition.



Teaching English one-to-one is very different to classroom teaching.  However, armed with the right teaching techniques and approach, it’s possible to overcome the challenges of teaching English one-to-one and for both teacher and student to enjoy the one-to-one teaching experience.

“One-to one teaching can encompass the best and the worst aspects of teaching”
– Priscilla Osborne, author of Teaching English One to One

It is common for all teachers to encounter one-to-one teaching at some stage in their career. However, discussion, support and resources for one-to-one teaching are rarer. Teaching English One to One is a handy and practical book to help teachers successfully plan and prepare for the unique one-to-one teaching situation.

This fully revised and extended edition provides an analysis of the problems associated with teaching students on a one-to-one basis.

Packed with practical examples for you to use and adapt, Teaching English One to One contains comprehensive case studies, examples and forms you can use and adapt accordingly. It also includes tried and tested teaching techniques for managing students and your teaching time.

With whole chapters on different methods of giving feedback and correcting errors; teaching business English; homestay teaching and teaching children and teenagers, this handy guide covers every aspect of teaching one-to-one.


This book will be invaluable for any teachers who work with learners on a one-to-one basis.


ISBN: 9781912755660
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 22 June 2019 (First edition 28 November 2013)

  1.  Getting started
  2. Pre-course preparation
  3. Needs analysis
  4. Writing course programmes
  5. Teaching techniques for one-to-one classes
  6. Giving feedback, error correction and recycling activities
  7. Teaching business English
  8. Homestay teaching
  9. Teaching children and teenagers
  10. Lesson planning
  11. Evaluating progress and making recommendations for future study
  12. Troubleshooting
  13. Visits and project work


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