Fiona Dunlop, Keith Harding, Robert McLarty

ETpedia Management

Resource Book

500 ideas for managing an English Language school

ETpedia Management is a complete reference guide for both new and experienced managers. It’s full of tips, advice and ideas for running an English Language school or department.



ETpedia Management brings you 500 tips, ideas, and concepts to help you run an English language school. Over 50 list-based units, it covers everything from the basic principles of running a language school, department or organisation to problem solving and growth management.

You’ll find inspiration in each unit whether you’re managing for the first time or an experienced manager looking to further develop your skill set.

Many of the units also contain an activity based on a photocopiable handout, which you will find in the Appendix. These are motivating tasks, perfect for self-reflection or for your teachers to do in a continuing professional development session. They’re also adaptable – you can use them as they are or develop them to suit your own context.

Throughout the book you will find quotes from experienced managers, Director of Studies. Here you’ll find school owners sharing their views, ideas and experiences on managing an English Language school or department.

ETpedia Management is the tenth title in the popular ETpedia series.

Press reviews

“Language teachers moving into management positions often find themselves learning ‘on the job’. This 200-page, spiral-bound reference guide will be especially useful for them, providing advice in several key areas including marketing, personnel, finance and continuous professional development (CPD)… Draws on the expert experience of the author team.” – Pete Sharma, EL Gazette (470), May 2020

“This book will be a valuable resource for people at any stage of their career with an interest in ELT management. It provides useful advice for those embarking on management, studying for a qualification in ELT management, preparing for an interview or training for a new management position. It also contains resources to inspire experienced managers looking for fresh ideas.” – Peter Beech, IATEFL Voices (274)


If you are new to management, or in the process of becoming a manager or assistant manager, ETpedia Management will be invaluable for supporting you on your way.

If you’ve been managing for a while, this resource will remind you of techniques and activities you haven’t used in a while and will offer fresh new ideas to increase your repertoire.


ISBN: 9781912755271
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
Publication: 25 June 2019

Getting Started
Strategic management and communication
HR, administration and recruitment
Marketing and finance
Quality assurance and quality improvement
Academic management
Professional development
Professional working environments
Appendix: Photocopiable materials


Fiona Dunlop, Keith Harding and Robert McLarty


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