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  • PAS-ADD  

    Our PAS-ADD tools are designed to assist with assessment.

    The Mini PAS-ADD Interview is designed to provide highly reliable information on psychiatric symptoms, usually by informant interview. It is not a screening instrument, but a sophisticated assessment which uses a glossary of symptom definitions to guide the coding.

    The PAS-ADD Checklist is a 25-item questionnaire, written in everyday language, designed for use primarily by care staff and families. The checklist aims to help staff and carers decide whether further assessment of an individual’s mental health may be helpful.

    The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Assessment Schedule, or ChA-PAS, is for use with children and adolescents.

    The PAS-ADD Clinical Interview is the most comprehensive of the range. It is designed for people with a level of language that enables them to give some verbal contribution to the interview. The PAS-ADD Clinical Interview is based on the original PAS-ADD 10, but the scoring has been revamped to make it easier to use in clinical settings.

    While the PAS-ADD system maximises the contribution of the individual and where possible, their family carers, frontline staff and a range of professionals, its clinical emphasis provides structured frameworks for assessment and case recognition. The assessments are designed to work with clinical expertise, and not in any way to replace the need for those skills.