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Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Work Volume 2

Price: £34.95
Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Work Volume 2 explores the mental of health of parents and its impact on child welfare. Coming Autumn 2017.
Author(s): Edited by Dr Marie Diggins

This is the second volume in a series that explores the mental health of parents and its impact on child welfare, and which acts as a yearly update on key research, policy developments and practice innovations, both in the UK and around the world.

This publication is a unique opportunity to explore and share ideas about 'success' and what 'leads to success' from the different perspective of parents, children and the professionals who work with them. Much like its predecessor, it draws together a range of experts in the field - researchers, policy makers, practitioners and service users - to identify both the opportunities and challenges, as well as to explore what works in which contexts, for whom and why.

Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Work, Volume 2 will be of interest to adult and children’s policy makers, commissioners and managers; staff in children and adult’s social care, child and adolescent and adult mental health; school staff; trainers; from all sectors in the UK and internationally.
ISBN: 9781911028703
Publication: 15 December 2017

About the contributors  


Guest Editorial (Ruth Allen) 

Impacts and influences on mental health recovery, parenting and children’s development and well-being  

Do families with experience of mental ill health have a voice? Gatekeeping in health and social care research  (Jennie Rose, Sarah Redsell & Jane Akister)

Grandparents as primary caregivers for their grandchildren when parents have a mental illness (Vicki Cowling) 

Exploring the wellbeing needs and preferences of children and adolescents who have parents with a severe mental Illness (Dr Judith Gellatly, Dr Penny Bee, Dr Lina Gega, Diane Hunter, Professor Kathryn Abel) 

Working with multi-level relationships to improve child protection outcomes in families experiencing mental health difficulties (Nhlanganiso Nyathi & Jane Akister)

Assessment, interventions and services 

Inter-Act a whole family approach to promoting the resilience of children of parents with a mental illness (Mandy Bell)  

Medications for mental disorders – Balancing risks and benefits (Eleni Palazidou) 

C-Change: An approach to assessing parental capacity to change (Wendy Weal & Dendy Platt) 

Southwark Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Team PLUS interviews 

Creative Families Art Programme (Lucy Brazener) 

Specialist roles and responsibilities 

NI Champion Model (Mary Donaghy, Gavin Davidson & Sharon Crawford) 

Moving Between Two Worlds (Chris McCree) 

Education and Training  

Integration of the Family Model into education programmes (Bente Weimand, Anne Hexeberg, Dag Willy Tallaksen, Magne Haukland, Anne Grant &Adrian Falkov) 

Research digest (Spencer Paul Ross)  

Useful tools and resources