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My Life Story


Price: £39.95 excl. VAT
An extensive interactive resource to help children come to terms with life events and feelings
Author(s): Bridget Betts and Afshan Ahmad

Life Story work with looked-after children is more and more clearly recognised as a key part of helping young people come to terms with life events and feelings. 

My Life Story is the unique award-winning interactive resources for engaging, enjoyable and accessible life story work. 

Designed from the start as a child friendly CD-ROM, My Life Story features sound, colour, animation, voice, music, fascinating or amusing multimedia activities and (of course) a well-researched and professional focus on children's needs. Developed by two highly experienced child care professionals over two years with support from a highly innovative children's services company, My Life Story truly breaks new ground in resources for direct work.

My Life Story sees children's information and feelings as akin to buried treasure - immensely valuable but requiring worker and child to dig together until they can find it. Hence the main menu comes in the form of a desert island with tropical and pirate objects. Click on the objects for animations or to access the various functions and sections of the programme. 

Recommended age range 8 -16.
Publisher: Loggerhead Publishing