MHT Live Webinar: How Can Trauma Inform Our Workplaces and Schools?


Date: 10 November 2021.
Time: 18:00 – 19:00 (London time)
Hosted on Pavilion Learn.


  • Cost of attending: £15 (including VAT)

Responding to trauma: what every teacher, manager, and employer should know

Trauma has affected many of our lives throughout the last year and a half. Join Mental Health Today for this one-hour session for educators, managers, and those interested in trauma recovery. Our guest speakers Dr Marleen Wong and Pamela Vona will guide you in identifying signs and symptoms of trauma and ACEs in children and adults – and provide the practical steps necessary to mitigate and address them.

Speakers: Dr Marleen Wong and Pamela Vona


 Join Mental Health Today as we put the spotlight on trauma-informed schools and workplaces. In this webinar, experts in trauma-responsive practices will explore the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress on educational attainment and their continuing influence into adulthood.

During this time, promoting the quality of our mental health in our daily environments is no longer merely an afterthought or a luxury but is necessary so that children and adults can remain productive and thriving despite the pressures of the new reality.

Covering the spectrum of trauma-informed education and workplace organisational change, leadership, resilience, and recovery. This webinar will guide educators, managers, and those supporting employees, in identifying signs and symptoms of trauma and ACEs in children and adults and will provide the practical steps necessary to mitigate and address them.

Speakers Dr Marleen Wong, an expert in school crisis and disaster recovery, and Pamela Vona, an expert in the field of trauma-informed workplace practice, will deliver an understanding of the profound toxic effects of trauma. As well as exploring how professionals in educational and workplace settings can provide leadership to help young people and adults manage and acknowledge those feelings.


Dr Marleen Wong

Dr Marleen WongIdentified as a “pre-eminent expert in school crisis and disaster recovery,” by the White House, and the “architect of school-safety programs,” by the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Wong has provided education and consultation to thousands of school districts, educational institutions, community, state, province, national and international federal agencies and ministries. She is one of the original developers of the evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools, and Psychological First Aid in schools. She has provided on-site crisis management for federal agencies, the United States Department of Education, school shootings, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism. Some of these include the LA riots of fires, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the 9/11 terrorist attack, and was requested to provide consultation following the Capitol Hill insurrection.

Pamela Vona

Pamela Vona is an expert in the field of trauma-informed workplace practice. She is the lead developer of the Trauma-Responsive School Implementation Assessment and the Trauma-informed Skills for Educators (TISE) curriculums. For eight years Ms Vona served as the Program Manager for the Treatment and Services Adaptation Center for Resilience, Hope and Wellness in Schools funded by the U.S Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.



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