Jo-Ann Page, Gavin Reid

Autism Spectrum Disorder: How to Help

An accessible, straightforward guide to the issues and challenges commonly faced by young people who are diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum – and the practical ways in which parents, carers, teachers and schools can help.


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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) offers a complete introduction to this complex and often confusing topic. A lack of clarity can arise for many reasons, including the broad spectrum of characteristics and symptoms that can be represented within an ASD diagnosis ranging from the very severe, to the mild, and the many competing interventions and treatments.

The book explains how parents, carers and teachers can collaborate to ensure that young autistic people can live inclusive and fulfilled lives.


Autism Spectrum Disorder: How to Help will be useful for parents and carers of children and young people living with autism; teachers, teaching assistants, educational psychologists, school senior management teams and other education professionals; support groups; youth workers, group leaders and others interested in the socio-emotional development of young people.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781803880730

Publication Date: September 2022



Part 1: Introduction
1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
2. A brief history of autism
3. Causes and consequences
4. The challenges of autism – Individual, educational and society
5. The challenges of autism – Parents and caregivers; Ten key things to know about autism

Part 2: Identifying autism
6. Screening and observation
7. Tests and strategies
8. Issues around autism
9. Overlap and comorbidity

Part 3: Living and learning with autism
10. Autism at home
11. Autism at school
12. Provision for children with ASD
13. Curriculum issues
14. The autistic child as a learner

Part 4: Dealing with autism
15. Behavioural approaches
16. Behaviour management
17. Socialisation
18. Neuro and physiological approaches – Applied Behaviour Analysis
19. Other interventions

Part 5: Beyond school
20. Autism as a label – is it useful?
21. Autism as a gift and high-achieving children
22. Autism at college and university
21. Autism in the workplace

Part 6: Conclusion
27. Summary; 28. A last word to parents and carers;
29. A last word to teachers and schools


Jo-Ann Page is the founder and Clinical Director of Jo-Page Inclusion, a consultancy working to help young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Jo practices throughout the UK, Middle East and Africa, and has a wealth of experience specialising in ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. She is also a teacher and was Director of Inclusive Education for a global education provider.


Gavin Reid is a parent of a young man who was diagnosed at an early age with autism. Unable to find accurate information about his son’s condition, Gavin left classroom teaching and trained as an Educational Psychologist. He subsequently specialised in dyslexia, but he maintained a personal and professional interest in autism by giving talks to societies and parent groups. He also equipped himself professionally to assess and diagnose ASD and has supported many parents and young people in this way.





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