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Compassion and Depression pair

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Working with Compassion

A Practical Guide to Working with Depression 

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A Practical Guide to Working with Depression

A cognitive behavioural approach for mental health workers

A Practical Guide to Working with Depression: A cognitive behavioural approach for mental health workers provides mental health workers in all public, private and voluntary sectors with information on the nature of depression based on a number of theories from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is the predominant model used in public services at the moment.

This guide aims to improve the awareness and skill level of workers using psychological therapies with their clients.

Each section will provide learning outcomes linked to units from the level 3 Health and Social Care Diploma (formerly NVQ3) in the Qualifications and Credit Framework

The information in each chapter will act as pathway through depression from understanding the condition to working directly with it, to finally planning for recovery.

The manual covers:

  • Communication and listening techniques to assess goals, client motivation levels and to encourage positive change
  • The causes and presentation of clinical depression and how to apply this knowledge
  • Techniques to help clients understand their depression
  • Beck’s triad of negative thoughts and how to recognise negative thought patterns
  • Understanding the links between thoughts, emotions, physiology and behaviour in depression
  • How to use ‘activity scheduling’ to develop behavioural plans to improve mood and reverse negative vicious cycles

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Working with Compassion

A training manual in compassion-focused therapy

This manual is designed for use by practitioners working in a one-to-one setting, with groups, or for the individual reader. It aims to look at how thoughts and feelings around threat lead to problems, how problems are managed, what the role of compassion is, and how compassion can help us to manage better.

It makes practical use of case studies and thinking activities. Divided into two parts, the first part explains the model of Compassionate Mind and the second part introduces useful interventions. The CD-rom contains handouts and Powerpoint slides.

Professionals within the social care sector are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Those who use this resource will be able to gain CPD points.

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A Practical Guide to Working with Depression

A Practical Guide to Working with Depression: A cognitive behavioural approach for mental health workers is one of very few manuals that has been written specifically for professionals, volunteers and students who are not undertaking psychotherapy training but are working with a client group who are in need of psychological support.

This will particularly be of value to 3rd sector workers completing their Level 2 & 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care. Each chapter is linked to the relevant QCF units and learning outcomes from the diplomas and there are useful exercises throughout for workers to complete with their clients, therefore providing a valuable aid to building up their portfolios.

The manual will also be useful for student nurses and social workers in mental health placements in order to support written work, and for Psychological Well-being Practitioners in IAPT services due to the focus on the Behavioural Activation approach. It will at the same time be a helpful reference manual for mental health workers not necessarily on a training pathway.

Working with Compassion

This resource is aimed at therapists, psychotherapists and qualified mental health workers. Based in cognitive behavioural therapy, compassionate mind theory is a helpful new approach for practitioners who can use it to enhance their current practice, prepare the ground for more traditional therapies that might follow, and to give the people they help the best chance of overcoming the burden of depression and anxiety.


ISBN: 9781908993441
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing


Michael O’Sullivan is a Registered Mental Nurse and a social worker. He has worked as a compassionate mind therapist for three years. He has a post-graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and is qualified in Cognitive Analytic Therapy.

Samantha Watson has been a Registered Mental Health Nurse since 1997. She completed the intensive Dialectical Behavioural Therapy-DBT Training with the British Isles DBT Team, works as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist and also has a post graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy. She has been working with a compassion focused approach since 2006.

Brendan Butler is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and a social worker. He has worked as a mental health therapist for 12 years and has extensive experience in Compassionate Mind. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy.


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