Remco van der Wijngaart



A complete practitioner’s guide to helping clients create distance from unhelpful ways of thinking and relating through chairwork – an important technique within schema therapy, and a standalone emotion-focused treatment in its own right.



Chairwork is a therapeutic technique that allows clients to create distance between themselves and problematic beliefs, events, memories, individuals and patterns of responding. Although chairwork has been used in various therapeutic frameworks for decades, it is as part of schema therapy (ST) that it has recently taken a big step forward. This new title in the Schema Therapy Approaches and Resources series is a practical guide for therapists who want to learn to apply chairwork in their own practice. It also offers tools for those who already have some experience with this technique, as well as advice on further techniques to make working with chairs more effective in challenging situations. A final chapter looks at pitfalls for therapists, with guidance for recognizing and dealing with a wide range of challenging situations that occur in clinical practice.


REMCO VAN DER WIJNGAART is a health psychologist and psychotherapist. He worked for twenty years in an academic department of an outpatient mental health institution, where he participated in treatment studies for anxiety, personality disorders, somatoform disorders and eating disorders. In a pioneering study into the effectiveness of schema therapy for borderline personality disorder, he was trained and supervised by Jeffrey Young, the founder of schema therapy. He has also been trained by Aaron Beck, Joan Farrell and Ida Shaw.

Remco is currently a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in cognitive behavioural therapy and schema therapy at a private practice in Maastricht. He has taught schema therapy for forensic settings together with David Bernstein, and gives regular presentations, workshops and supervision on schema therapy both within the Netherlands and internationally.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication Date: January 2023

ISBN: 9781803882383


Foreword by Hannie van Genderen

1. Introduction
2. The analysis phase
3. Initial phase
4. Middle phase
5. End phase
6. Pitfalls for therapists
7. Specialist areas of application
8. Chairwork online



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