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The Essential Guide to Drugs and Alcohol ebook


The Essential Guide to Drugs and Alcohol is an easy to navigate ebook and consists of a comprehensive A-Z of illicit substances and legal highs, as well as a jargon buster of key terms, and accessible tables on seizure stats and prevalence.

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Features of The Essential Guide to Drugs and Alcohol ebook include:

  • A comprehensive A-Z of illicit substances, and legal highs. detailing the facts such as legal status, prevalence, and long and short-term effects
  • An overview of different types of drug and alcohol treatment and the need to know organisations that work in the field
  • A jargon buster of key terms and acronyms used throughout the drug sector
  • An overview of UK drug laws, including major pieces of legislation such as the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act’ and ‘Medicines Act’
  • Useful tables and stats on drug prevalence, purity, drug-related deaths and drug seizures
  • A history of Government drug policy and drug and alcohol treatment in the UK
  • Annual updates so you have the most up to date information (for organisational licences only)

Organisational licences available on an annual basis so that all your staff can access this vital resources – please call 0844 880 5061 for details and a quote.

Once you have ordered either your individual copy or organisational licence we will send you your full log-in details.


This book is essential reading for everyone with a professional interest in the field, from drug and alcohol workers to healthcare professionals, social workers and people working in criminal justice, as well as students on a wide range of health and social care courses.


ISBN: 9781908066480
Publisher: DrugScope
Publication: 19 February 2014


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