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Mental Health and Personalisation

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The Mental Health and Personalisation workbook aims to assist service users, carers and professionals to work through the themes and issues related to recovery-based mental health care and support, based on the Ten Essential Shared Capabilities.
Author(s): Daisy Bogg, on behalf of SPN

Personalisation in mental health services is a subject that encompasses many areas and meanings, from social inclusion principles through to a simple direct payment, and as such this workbook aims to assist service users, carers and mental health professionals to work through the themes and issues related to recovery-based mental health care and support.

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This workbook is of interest to any stakeholder who has an interest in mental health and mental health services, including carers, service users and professionals, such as the IAPT workforce.
ISBN: 9781841962801
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 17 August 2010
Content: The workbook is divided into 10 sections based on the 10 Essential Shared Capabilities:

Section 1: Working in partnership
Section 2: Respecting diversity
Section 3: Practising ethically
Section 4: Challenging inequality
Section 5: Promoting recovery
Section 6: Identifying people’s needs and strengths
Section 7: Providing service user-centred care
Section 8: Making a difference
Section 9: Promoting safety and positive risk taking
Section 10: Personal development and learning

Each section applies the capabilities to different aspects of personalisation and a range of activities is used to enable the reader to develop their understanding of both frameworks and how the personalisation agenda can be delivered in an integrated mental health setting.

Daisy Bogg has worked in mental health and addiction services for the last 15 years, both for the NHS and for voluntary sector organisations. She has worked at all levels including, most recently, as an executive director. Daisy’s background is in social work and she has spent a large part of her career working within integrated health and social care environments, providing and developing professional leadership and integrated service improvement. She still practices as an AMHP for her local emergency social work team.

Daisy has written postgraduate texts on the integration of social work into the NHS and the values and ethics of mental health practice. She also writes a regular column in Mental Health Today magazine on behalf of the Social Perspectives Network (SPN) and is a member of the SPN Executive Committee. Daisy is now in independent practice, running a training and consultancy company. She also undertakes a range of project work and is currently a consultant for The College of Social Work, working as member services development officer for the organisation.