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Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Work Guidance Booklet

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This guidance booklet is for use with the Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Work training manual, for all new staff working in mental health settings.

This Initial Award, accredited by the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority), provides an introduction to individuals who are new to their role in the adult mental health sector, and is designed to complement or provide a framework for an employer’s existing induction programme. It encourages career development by providing an introduction and foundation for a career in mental health enabling access to NVQs and other accredited awards such as the Level 3 Certificate in Community Mental Health Care.

This award is accredited as a Vocationally Related Qualification at Level 2 on the National Qualifications Framework in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The awarding body for this award is City & Guilds. The Mental Health Foundation and Pavilion have produced a learning programme, materials and assessment guidance to support the delivery of the Level 2 Certificate.

These materials have been written to focus on work-based training by the line manager to support staff in achieving the Level 2 Certificate. The programme uses a combination of: group learning sessions with input from a trainer; independent learning activities that are closely linked to the assessment requirements of the award. The Guidance to the Certificate provides an overview of the 5 Certificate units and their learning outcomes, plus details of the qualifications status and target student group. The programme comprises an introductory training session plus a half-day session for each of the five units. The assessment guidance clarifies the assessment requirements of the award and sets out practical activities that students can undertake to generate evidence demonstrating they have reached the required standard.


ISBN: 9781841961175
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media