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  • Introducing the Learning from Success series:
    Improving practice and working together across health and social care

    Keeping up to date with policy, research, theoretical and practice developments can be a timely and complex process for busy health and social care professionals, but is nonetheless a crucial part of professional practice and development.

    Pavilion’s new Learning from Success series of annual volumes and accompanying one-day CPD accredited conferences are designed to simplify your professional development by providing accessible material that will act as vital updates for professionals, managers and academics on contemporary and pressing issues in health and social care theory, research and professional practice.

    At the heart of the content will be a theme of improving ways of working together and sustaining high quality relationships – practitioner to service user/families, supervisor to supervisee, professional to professional across agency divides.

    The Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Work conference was held in London on 2 December 2015. You can view the speaker's presentations here.

    The Interprofessional Staff Supervision in Adult Health and Social Care Service conference will be held in London in June 2016. Contact us to register your interest.  

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