Jonathan Williams, Robert Jones

Living Your Best Life: Acceptance-Based Guided Self-Help for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Spiral Bound

Living Your Best Life is an activity-based workbook that guides people with intellectual disabilities to identify what really matters to them and to live their best lives.



Living Your Best Life provides guided self-help materials for a person with intellectual disabilities to work through alongside a supporter such as a paid carer, family member or mental health professional. The tools and guidance help the individual identify what is important to them and move towards a life where worries and doubts do not stop them doing activities they enjoy or trying new things.

Each chapter includes separate sections for supporters and for the person with intellectual disabilities (which can be read to them if necessary). The book also includes a wide range of exercises, graded by difficulty so this can be matched to an individual’s specific abilities and challenges.

The workbook is based on principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and includes advice around accepting and managing common psychological challenges such as anxiety, low mood, anger and grief.


Family and caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities; care provider organisations, learning disability specialist clinicians including psychologists, nurses and other allied health professionals and students of these disciplines.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781803881959

Expected Publication Date: October 2022


Accessible introduction
Supporter introduction
Structure of the book

1. Practice makes better
2. Struggling is normal
3. What are emotions?
4. What matters to you?
5. Connecting with others
6. Kindness to others
7. Being your own best friend
8. The tricky thing about thoughts
9. Being mindful
10. Opening up
11. Feeling low and what to do about it
12. Worries and feeling scared
13. Anger and what to do about it
14. Sorting out your problems
15. Feeling different from other people
16. Trauma
17. Top tips for a great life
18. Keeping it all going

Index of exercises


Jonathan Williams is a Principal Clinical Psychologist with NHS Wales. He has two decades of experience specialising in Intellectual Disabilities and has a particular expertise in ACT and related approaches, with a range of journal articles in that field. He sits on the UK and Ireland committee for the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS), and he is also a national committee member of the BPS Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

Robert Jones is Honorary Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bangor University, UK, and a retired Consultant Clinical Psychologist. He was formerly Programme Director on the Bangor Clinical Psychology Training Programme and has held various senior positions in academia and the NHS over several decades.
He is the author of over one hundred peer reviewed publications and several books.


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