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Knowing You Matter

Caring with dignity and compassion

Price: £145.00
Knowing You Matter is a ground-breaking film and training pack for care home staff, focusing on dignity, kindness and respect in the care of older people.
Author(s): Andy Bradley and Kirsty Murray

Knowing You Matter is a powerful film and training pack that calls for dignity, compassion, kindness and respect to be placed at the heart of care. Older people and their loved ones talk frankly and courageously about their experiences of losing identity and power as they move into a stage of their lives where they require paid care. 

Knowing You Matter is more than a documentary film; it is a way of being and thinking. The film is a catalyst for reflection, discussion and new ways of thinking and being in relation to the way care is provided.

This interactive training resource that can be used in:

  • induction
  • ongoing training including staff meetings
  • the development of reflective practice to maintain a sharp focus on the quality of care.

After completing the training course staff will be able to be part of creating a vision for a culture of care that places dignity, compassion, kindness and respect at its heart, reflect on the way they are providing care, develop ways of thinking and being that demonstrate to older people that they are valued and that they matter.

The pack contains all of the resources that the facilitator will need to deliver the training, including PowerPoint slides, handouts and instructions for practical activities that will help learners to enhance their understanding.

Knowing You Matter is for trainers, home managers and dementia care champions.
ISBN: 978-1-908993-57-1
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 22 August 2013
Content: Watching and reflecting on the film - How do we want care to be? - Being in care - Dreams and being listened to - Loss and our need for respect - What carers need - Sadness and the move into care - Dementia and identity - Maintaining individuality - Love and knowing you matter - Your identity - Will we die in peace?

Andy Bradley’s belief is that we must elevate the status of care giving. Andy created Frameworks 4 Change in 2004, having spent part of his childhood living in a care home for people with dementia. He went on to give hands-on support to people with profound learning disabilities and older people. Andy and the team at Frameworks 4 Change work hard every day to ‘create and sustain consistently compassionate care’ in a range of environments including residential care, domiciliary care and hospitals. The habit-building programmes that Andy and the team now facilitate are seeing dramatic results with continuous improvements to care and staff teams feeling valued and appreciated. He is currently working with the NHS and a range of care provider organisations to embed new cultures of compassion.

Andy was recently recognised as one of ‘Britain’s New Radicals’ by The Observer newspaper and NESTA, and his work on mindfulness and compassion in healthcare has been covered by the BBC, ITV and The Independent. Andy is a speaker for TEDX and is regularly asked to present on creating compassionate communities in which all belong. Andy sees Health and Social Care through the lens of compassion and imagines a new paradigm in which we all see ourselves as belonging to consistently compassionate communities in which care is given as part of a good life.