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Key Business Skills

Price: £14.99
This book gives you the tools you need to succeed in business if English is not your first language.
Author(s): Barry Tomalin
Part A has: aims (unit objectives), a quiz to activate prior knowledge, a briefing section presenting the target communication skills, a listening section with the opportunity to interact with a speaker on the accompanying CD, a business practice section, which presents key language and gives speaking and vocabulary practice, and a business culture section, with information on how the target communication skills may differ in various international situations.
Part B has: a briefing section to present the target skills in this part, a listening section giving the opportunity to hear the skills being used, a business practice section with the key language accompanied by speaking and vocabulary practice, and a business writing section with tasks associated with the unit topic.
This part ends with a reflection section to encourage students to record what they have learnt and to make plans for how and when they will implement their new skills.
At the back of the book is an answer key to the activities, the transcripts of all the listening material and a business file, which gives additional reference material for some sections of the units.
This book is aimed primarily at students looking for a self-study business communication course, and it would also make a useful resource for any teacher-led business English course.
ISBN: 9780007488797
Publisher: Collins
Publication: 06 December 2012
Content: Introduction; Networking; Presentations; Meetings; Negotiations; Answer key; Audio scripts.