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Holistic Adult Mental Health Assessment Toolkit Guidance Manual

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Separate guide
Author(s): Debbie Garlick and Louisa Rhodes

This guidance manual is for use by professionals who need to assess individuals’ mental health needs. It uses a standard framework, with guidance, for multidisciplinary staff to complete a general, holistic assessment of clients referred to community mental health teams. 

The manual seeks to improve standards of assessment across teams and encourage the involvement of carers and service users in the assessment process. It provides detailed guidance for students or inexperienced staff and is also a valuable reference resource for more experienced staff. It can be used as a supervision tool and to assess competency in this area.

Forms to use with the manual can be purchased separately. 


Managers and multidisciplinary staff in community mental health teams, mental health trusts, acute health trusts, universities and students.
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 01 February 2011

Content includes: Key points to consider before assessment (the 5Ws); Guidance on conducting an assessment; Guidance on information to be obtained

Assessment areas include: Family mental health history; Drug and alcohol history; Current social circumstances; Mental state examination; Risk assessment

Debbie Garlick began her career as a registered general nurse in an acute care setting. Debbie wanted to develop her skills with caring for people with mental illness and subsequently completed her training as a registered mental health nurse. She has experience working in many clinical settings and has 11 years experience in team leader and managerial roles.

Debbie started her mental health nursing career in acute inpatient and therapeutic community settings. She specialised in working with people with mental health needs in the community and completed the diploma in professional community studies. She then worked as a community mental health nurse in various mental health teams. 

Debbie has a particular interest in the holistic assessment of people’s needs and spent many years as a practitioner and manager of an assessment and brief treatment team developing her skills. In her post as a nurse advisor, Debbie developed the Holistic Mental Health Assessment Toolkit with Louisa Rhodes. She currently works as the head of nursing in the psychological medicine clinical academic group at the South London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust.