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Technology heroes

includes ETpedia Technology and Best Practices for Blended Learning

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Step up your use of technology in the classroom and online with this dynamic duo. ETpedia Technology brings you 500 ideas for using technology in the English language classroom, and Best Practices for Blended Learning provides support and advice for blending your classes.
Author(s): Nicky Hockly; Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett

ETpedia Technology

Nicky Hockly

RRP: £29.95

ETpedia Technology provides 500 tips, ideas and activities to support teachers who want to make use of technology in the ELT classroom.

Technology is becoming an ever more popular and useful tool in the ELT classroom. Whether you're already an avid user of technology or you are inexperienced but want to explore more, then ETpedia Technology is the resource you need.

It suggests ways to use text-based tools, multimedia, smartphones and more, as well as providing easy-to-use activities and more general advice for using technology in the classroom. It also covers some of the important discussions around using technology, such as the safety of young learners and the question of plagiarism.

ETpedia Technology is part of the ETpedia series. Each book uses units of 10 to create an easy-to-use yet comprehensive resource book for the ELT classroom.


Best Practices for Blended Learning

Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett

RRP: £28.95

Best Practices for Blended Learning is a comprehensive, practical handbook to help you deliver successful Blended Learning lessons and courses.

Authors Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett bring their combined years of experience to this ever-evolving and highly-complex field, offering systematic guidance on the various technologies available to language teachers and a framework to help you choose which of the many learning platforms available is suitable for your context and goals.

The handbook also contains a wealth of practical teaching ideas which blend traditional classroom input with online activities.

Whether you are a language teacher or teacher trainer looking to start blending your classes, or an academic manager looking to improve learning outcomes in your institution, Best Practices for Blended Learning offers the information and support that you need.

This duo is for English language teachers of all experience levels.

ETpedia Technology

ISBN: 9781911028581
Publication: 31 March 2017
Content includes:
Preparing to teach with technology
Technology in your lessons
Using text-based tools
Using multimedia
Using smartphones and tablets
Teaching contexts and issues
Further development

Best Practices for Blended Learning

ISBN: 9781911028840
Publication: 30 March 2018
Section 1: Blended Learning in language teaching
Section 2: Practical ideas
Section 3: Resources
Online appendices

Nicky Hockly is a teacher and teacher trainer, as well as Director of Pedagogy at The Consultants-E, of which she was one of the founding directors. Her work specifically focuses on how teachers can use technology in the classroom.

Pete Sharma is a teacher trainer, a trainer trainer, a consultant, a presenter and an ELT author. He specialises in educational technology and Blended Learning.

Barney Barrett is a specialist in the use of technology in English language teaching and Blended Learning, and is a teacher and teacher trainer. Both have over 20 years of experience.