Paul Whitby

Good Care Leadership

Training pack

A leadership development manual for frontline health and care staff

This essential training manual provides an effective framework to develop frontline health and social care staff as leaders for their teams, by increasing the nurse or carer’s positive influence on their working environment, raising morale and confidence in improving the quality of care.



Frontline leadership is a vital means to improving morale and the quality of care at a time when chronic and persistent poor care, neglect and abuse continue within inpatient and residential health and social care settings. Most leadership training approaches stress having good clinical skills but pay little heed to how best to increase the positive influence that individual frontline staff can have on their work environment. This essential training and development manual addresses that need through a simple but powerful framework for becoming better leaders for their teams. CPD accredited, the exercises are designed to increase self-confidence, promote the articulation of caring values, enhance the appropriate use of authority, and increase the individual’s ability to motivate others. The simplicity and effectiveness of the approach comes from careful analysis of poor care and ways to prevent it happening, and a distillation of the theories of good care leadership, based on psychology, psychotherapy and nursing studies. Its flexibility means that it can be used for group training or for individual leadership development.


ISBN: 978-1-913414-61-0

Format: Training Pack

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication date: November 2020


Paul Whitby, formerly a psychiatric nurse and clinical psychologist, is currently a clinical supervisor to Admiral Nurses, and contributes to the Bath University Clinical Psychology course and the Aneurin Bevan NHS Trust management development course. He started his career as a psychiatric nurse and for a while was a Charge Nurse at the Bethlem Royal Hospital before completing his Clinical Psychology training. Throughout his clinical psychology career he has worked on wards alongside the nursing staff. He believes that his experiences have given him a unique insight into the problem of poor morale and care, and how to do something about it. He has been involved in training at various levels for many clinical disciplines in the NHS.  He is also a trustee of a local dementia charity. He edits the Faculty of the Psychology of Older People Bulletin (a British Psychological Society periodical).



Confidence and Competence

Articulating Values

Use of Authority

Motivating Others

Project: Putting it into Practice

Theory and Evidence

Links to Other Qualifications


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