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Grammar Heroes

includes ETpedia Grammar and Teaching Grammar from Rules to Reasons

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This duo combines grammar theory and practice for the English Language classroom. ELTons-shortlisted Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons is paired with practical resource ETpedia Grammar, the latest title in the ELTons-nominated ETpedia series.
Author(s): Danny Norrington-Davies, David Barber, Ceri Jones

ETpedia Grammar

ETpedia Grammar equips teachers with a wide range of classroom activities that lend themselves to engaging practice with the most common grammar points taught in the English language classroom.

Organised into 50 units each containing 10 ideas, ETpedia Grammar is easy to dip in and out of. It will save you planning time, provide inspiration, help you motivate students, and anticipate problems students might have with different aspects of grammar. Within the resource, grammar points are ordered in themed sets, presented in a sequence loosely based on the order you might expect to teach them on a course. 

Every unit in ETpedia Grammar provides you with 10 different ideas and activities. Usually the first couple of ideas in a unit offer ideas for presenting the key points of the grammar, and the main part of the unit provides you with ideas for activities to practise the grammar in a fun, meaningful way. Each unit also contains an activity based on a photocopiable handout (which you will find in the Appendix), a motivating task for students to do after the lesson on their own, and tips on the difficulties students often have with the grammar point in question.

If you are new to teaching, ETpedia Grammar will be invaluable for supporting you on your way. If you’ve been teaching for a while, this resource might remind you of techniques and activities you haven’t used in a while and will offer you fresh new ideas to increase your repertoire.

ETpedia Grammar is the eighth title in the popular ETpedia series.


Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons

Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons is a book which outlines an alternative approach to teaching grammar in the language classroom. It explores what speakers and writers of English do with grammar, and how language students can be guided to discover what they mean.

This book is comprised of lesson materials, systematic lesson procedures, discovery techniques and explores replication activities that can be incorporated into a syllabus and used as demonstration lessons.

Teaching Grammar From Rules to Reasons aims to help teachers to develop their knowledge of grammar, provide a source of grammar lessons and instigate new ways of planning and organising lessons.

ETpedia Grammar is suitable for English language teachers of all experience levels.

It is ideal for teachers who are just starting out and want to feel more confident teaching grammar.

For experienced teachers and teacher trainers it brings inspiration in the form of tips, techniques, and practical ideas.


Teaching Grammar from Rules to Reasons has been written for language teachers, both inexperienced (0-5 years classroom experience, post-training and pre-diploma) and experienced (5 years plus or planning to take a diploma or do an MA in TESOL).

This book would benefit teachers who work with adults and young adults (aged been 16-18) and for teachers working on general English courses, EAP courses, ESP courses and those teaching English through other subjects.


ETpedia Grammar

ISBN: 9781912755028
Publication: 29 June 2018
Planned contents include:
Grammar basics
Pronouns and clauses
Adjectives and adverbs
Present forms
Modals verbs (present)
Past forms
Future forms
Other verb forms

Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons


ISBN: 9781911028222
Publication: 16 December 2016
Section 1
1. Why focus on grammar in the language classroom?
2. The use of grammar rules
3. From rules to reasons
Section 2
1. Teaching resources
2. Creating your own resources
Section 3
1. Section 3
2. Teacher’s notes
3. Bibliography